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Keeping up with changing social media trends and platforms can be daunting to small organizations looking to get the most out of online marketing to support and promote their services.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to utilizing social media and not all social media platforms may be right for your organization.  I offer advice and support on how to get started in a way that fits your needs and capabilities.

Social Media Introductory Consultation – 60 Minutes
A phone or in-person (if local to the San Francisco, CA area) consultation to assess your organization’s current social media activities and marketing strategy. I will follow-up with an outline of initial ideas to help your organization begin thinking about a practical social media strategy.

Complete Social Media Starter Option
Setting up several social media platforms can be time-consuming. I can take care of the technical side and leave more time for you to engage your members, clients and/or customers through your new social networking platforms! I will set you up with two or three social networks of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, etc.) as well as provide you and your staff with training on how to use them. Once the platform is set up, I will train staff how to use and maintain the tool in alignment with your organization’s goals. Includes 1-3 hours of training beyond the initial set-up with reading materials for review and six weeks of weekly conference call support to review progress.

Facebook Fan Page Starter Option
Facebook is a great platform for those wanting to get started using social media for their organization or small business while looking to create a strong impact without a tremendous amount of work. I will set up your fan page and include customized content, including a customized landing page, to help your fan page stand out. I will present you with options of possible specialty content to include and then develop them for you. Once your fan page is set up, I will provide 1-2 hours of training, help monitor your Facebook page for one month and provide a month worth of weekly conference calls to review progress and discuss your Facebook strategy.

Blog Starter Set-up Option
Get help setting up a self-hosted blog that can function as an extension of your brand; develop a writing strategy and editorial schedule; learn to utilize Google Analytics to measure progress and install social networking sharing widgets, so your readers can share your content on Twitter or Facebook.

Social Media Coaching
Gain the know-how and confidence you need to manage social media for your organization’s needs. I’ll help you identify the right social media channels for you, learn how to use those channels, and design content to help you build an authentic and engaged following.

Social Media Management Support
Whether you are unsure of how to get the conversation started on Twitter or Facebook or do not have enough time to devote to social media, I can help. I will develop content for use on your social media channels, reach out to your intended audience and identify knowledgeable people and organizations to connect with to help you build an online community.

Conference Training
Looking for a speaker who can provide social media training at your next conference? I can provide training for social networking in a language you and your members can understand. I will work with you and your conference organizers to determine what your audience needs, develop specialized presentation content and handout materials, if requested.

Event Coverage
Open up your next conference or volunteer event to a wider community with live, on-site tweeting. Allow others to join in your event from afar with real-time Twitter updates. There’s no need for distance or cost or to keep your organization’s members, volunteers or followers from participating when they can follow the action via Twitter.